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Wailua River / Secret Falls Kayak / Hike Tour

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Take an eco-adventure Kayak/Hike with Alii Kayaks and see a Secret Waterfall! Your guided Kayak Adventure starts with a 2 mile paddle upstream through the scenic valley of the Wailua River. After securing your kayaks on the shores of the North Fork, your moderate 2 mile hike begins. Wade through multiple streams, a lush rainforest and traverse over muddy trails all the while learning about local flora and fauna from one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides. Your hiking trek concludes with the beautiful 120′ Uluwehi Falls, a.k.a. Secret Falls. A definite rock solid adventure!

Wailua Kayak Tours

Our Wailua kayak/hike adventure is not your typical walk in the park tour, in fact it will take some hard physical work on your part, but the destination is so worth the effort. We will provide all the equipment and a Water Safety Instructed, as well as CPR and First Aid certified tour guide. This will be a memorable time exploring one of Kauai’s most popular locales.

Wailua kayak and hike to Secret Falls


  • Do I need experience?

Participants must be physically fit to propel themselves using basic kayak paddling techniques and able to Hike a moderate trail with an elevation change of 465 feet in approximately 1 mile distance. We will provide all of the equipment you’ll need, including life jackets. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are highly trained in water safety, CPR, and First Aid. They will provide basic instructions and assist from launching your kayak to navigating the gentle class zero waters of the serene Wailua River.

  • How strenuous is the trip?

This tour is moderately strenuous, but it is definitely worth the effort! It consists of an approximately 4-mile round trip kayak paddle, plus a 2-mile moderate hike with an elevation increase to 465′and two stream crossings that are up to waist deep. The trails are often muddy and/or slippery, so wear shoes with good traction.

  • What ages can go on the kayak trip?

This tour is for anyone over five years of age who feels up to it. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we can’t allow anyone who is pregnant, has a bad back or knees, or has recently had surgery to go on these somewhat strenuous tours.

  • What should I bring aboard the kayak?

Bring plenty of sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat), mosquito repellent, towels, and possibly a change of clothing since you may be getting wet. Since meals and beverages are not included on this 5-hour tour, you’ll also want to bring along your favorite snacks or a deli-style meal along with beverages. Oh, and don’t forget a bag in which to stow all of your gear.

Note:  Adequate water is mandatory. It can be either bottled or in more earth-friendly refillable containers.

  • Should I bring a camera?

Of course! You’ll definitely want to bring a camera or smartphone in a waterproof bag or case to capture the local flora and fauna without worrying about water damage.  You’ll see ample photo-worthy sites during your tour, including the spectacular Uluwehi Falls (a.k.a. Secret Falls).

Your guide will be happy to point out delightful native wildlife, extraordinary tropical plants, and exceptional scenery that you’ll probably want to capture in photos to share with friends and family.

  • What should I wear on a kayak tour?

We recommend layers consisting of a swimsuit/board shorts worn under lightweight UV-protective clothing that you won’t mind getting wet. You’ll also need footwear that straps securely to your feet since we’ll be traversing muddy and slippery terrain. Sorry —  Crocs and flip-flops aren’t allowed. 

  • What can I expect to see on my kayak tour?

Our guides won’t just share their outdoor expertise with you; they’ll also point out the lush tropical wonders, flora, and fauna you’ll encounter along the way. Enjoy the cool waters of Uluwehi Falls.

  • Will  I learn something about Hawaiian culture on my kayak tour?

Your experienced local tour guide will offer a verbal beginner’s guide to the rich cultural and historical significance of the places you’ll visit on your tour. You’ll learn why the Wailua River is so special and sacred to the Hawaiian people and how it influenced native Hawaiian life and trade throughout the centuries. You’ll experience the true “Aloha Spirit” and will leave with a little mana’o (knowledge) about our wondrous island.


Please note: Meals & Beverages are NOT provided on this tour. We highly suggest packing your favorite beverages, snacks or a full Deli-style Lunch if you desire. Bottle water is mandatory.

Tour Details

When and Where: 10:00am and 12:00pm Monday thru Friday. Check in 30 minutes prior at Ali’i Kayaks parking lot 180 Wailua Rd. Kapa’a, HI 96746. Reservations are required.

Includes: Tour Guide, Kayak, paddles and backrest.

What to bring: Wear swimsuit under light clothing, footwear that strap securely to your feet, (flip flops and Crocs not allowed), food and beverages, towels, camera, sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hats), mosquito repellent. Bring a bag to stow your items.

What to expect: *IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Approximately a 4-mile roundtrip kayak paddle, 2-mile moderate hiking trail with 2 stream crossings up to waist deep and an elevation increase to 465′. Muddy and slippery conditions persists in this area. Tour duration is approximately 5 hours.

Restrictions: No pregnancies, bad backs or bad knees or recent surgeries. No children under 5 years of age. Must have basic swimming skills.

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