Every visitor should experience a Wailua River kayak tour during their time in Kauai, Hawaii. This culturally and historically important river wends its way through lush rainforests on its way from Secret Falls (actually Uluwehi Falls) to the coast. 

At Ali’i Kayaks, our expert guides are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, the culture, and the history of this part of paradise with our visitors as they paddle their Kauai kayaks along this tranquil river. Won’t you join us in exploring this natural treasure?

Enjoy the Serenity of the Wailua River

Paddling along the peaceful, emerald-green waters of the Wailua is a very calming experience. You’re surrounded by lush greenery and serenaded by the sounds of birds enjoying their tropical surroundings. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will put names to the plants and birds and the other natural wonders you’ll see along the way. 

This eco-adventure includes paddling along the sparkling Wailua River, visiting the uniquely charming Fern Grotto, and taking in the wonder and splendor of the 120′ tall Secret Falls (Uluwehi Falls). Enjoy a refreshingly cool swim in the crystal-clear waters of the pool at the base of the falls before returning to the serenity of the river.

Watch for Kauai’s diverse wildlife as you paddle along the river. Besides brightly colored tropical birds, you might spot sea turtles, dolphins, fish, or even an elusive monk seal during your Wailua River kayak tour.

Dive into the River’s Cultural Significance

The Wailua is the only navigable river for anything larger than kayaks in Hawaii. This 20-mile river is one of the most sacred places on Kauai and was once a place for bathing and respite for Hawaiian royalty. It was considered a sacred place for the Alii (Hawaiian royalty), and the river valley included several heiau and temples. This lush river valley was even the capital of Kauai long ago.

Because it was navigable, the Wailua River was an important trade route for centuries, and it greatly influenced the development of native Hawaiian culture. When you join us for a Wailua River kayak tour, our passionate local guides will help you understand this unique Hawaiian river’s rich cultural and historical significance. 

Learn More About the Wailua River on a Kayak Tour

Here are answers to a couple of questions almost everyone has when considering taking one of our kayak tours.

What is the difficulty level of the tour?

This kayak and hiking tour is moderately strenuous. You’ll be kayaking for approximately four miles out and back. Between kayaking sessions, there is a two-mile hike uphill (the elevation increases by 465′) plus a couple of sometimes waist-deep stream crossings. Our guides will provide walking sticks to navigate the usually muddy and/or slippery trails. You’ll want shoes with good traction when you tackle this often challenging trail!

Are there any age or skill requirements for participating in the tour?

You don’t need any kayaking experience before taking this tour. Our guides will provide everything you need — from life jackets to expert advice on launching your kayak to tips on navigating the calm waters of the Wailua River. For your comfort and safety, each of them is highly trained in water safety, CPR, and First Aid.

For your safety, we can’t allow children younger than five, anyone who is pregnant or has recently had surgery, and those with bad backs or knees to take this moderately strenuous tour.

Book Your Own Wailua River Kayak Tour with Ali’i Kayaks

At Ali’i Kayaks, we offer Kauai kayak tours that will provide a lifetime’s worth of memories from your trip to Hawaii. We provide all the necessary equipment, and our local guides are exceptionally knowledgeable about Hawaii’s flora, fauna, culture, and history. They are also experts in water safety and are certified in CPR and First Aid, so you can relax and enjoy your Kauai kayak tour! Contact us to reserve your tour today.